Best. Rejection. Ever.

There’s an outstanding children’s theater company in the town where we live. My kids just came home from auditions, and brought with them this fantastic note I’d like to share.

“We urge disappointed actors to remember that a cast list is not a judgment on you or a ranking of acting talent; it is just the director’s imperfect attempt to match the actors who auditioned to the roles available. Not everyone is right for every part or every show. So if you try out and don’t make it, please DON’T GIVE UP. Come back and try out for our next show. Or to heck with us—try out for shows at school or other theaters. Take an acting or improv class. Theater is for everybody, and a cast list cannot define who you are or what you can become.”

If there’s a way to bolster people through a rejection, I think this might be it. Kudos to the very talented and kind-spirited Andrew and Mike, directors at Mudlark Theater Company. If only all thanks-but-no-thanks notes were crafted with such care!

© September 2011 by Pam Daniels.  All rights reserved.


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